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Backup and Restore service

Service Definition
The general levels of response, availability, and maintenance associated with backing up file systems and core servers. This also includes disaster recovery for supported servers.

Services Scope
End user file/directory recovery will take no more then three working days to recover the requested file/directory for end user.
File server disaster recovery: Dependencies are involved on this one depending on problem at hand (i.e. hardware problem and amount of time it takes to get replacement in place. OS system reconfiguration and reinstallation of NB client. File system corruption and correcting the problem before recovery can take place.). From a recovery starting point it could take up to three days to restore entire file server contents depending on size.

Backup Retention Periods
Daily backup snapshots are retained for 7 days.
Weekly backup snapshots are retained for 4 weeks.
Full backup snapshots are retained for 12 months.
Annual backup snapshots are retained for 7 years.

Refer to pricing for our services for more details.

Encrypted storage

Obviously, all data is on secured (encrypted) storage for all proofs (documents, data, checkpoints, signatures, ...) with digital signatures (including non-repudiation).
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