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What started as a v1.0 internal tool became quickly v2.0. Since October 2015, we are proud to have launched version 3.1 as a tool that we packaged in several versions for any common requirement for small or big organisations.

This evolution v3.1 is the result of requests of several customers who developed something internally. Often these tools started as internal development in Excel or MS Access, by somebody who knows a bit or a lot how to develop a website (like with PHP, Drupal or Joomla). But soon, this implementation outgrew the needs, the use and ... the support.

We've lived a couple of situations where the key single resource left the company, had no documentation and an ISO9000 certification was at stake. By migrating several of these tools and their historical data, we felt a real need and created our start-up in 2015 to be able to go beyond these particular implementations.

In 2014, we developed v2.0 and test drove it in a couple of companies. Then, demand was rather huge, and we decided to invest in the conversion with considerable expansion of the functionality to a version 3.0 with a SaaS solution, an app and more.

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