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Galaxias Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Galaxias Internet-of-Things (IOT) is similar to Galaxias Mobile but has specific functionality and purposes for any automated process(es), integrated or stand-alone, with embedded implementation.

Since IoT is evolving a lot these days, and standards lack, we had to develop a couple of programs and variants to provide the solution (BusyBox, OpenWRT, Arduino, RaspBerry PI, Android, and some nice proprietary systems, if not System-on-chip (SoC)).

These implementations deliver quality control and measuring, compliancy checks and reporting with embedded modules. Connectivity is foreseen upon need and availability (even GPRS), but meanwhile, the data is stored according available storage and retention and alerting or action is accordingly (SMS, email, ...).

One recent implementation even is embedded in a robot at a simple production line and the Galaxias IoT module controls the actuators (closed loop system): it is the perfect example of 'support the process with the tool', not the tool limiting the process.

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