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The Galaxias API provides anything for full integration with our platform or to link with your platforms. It can be in either direction. This solution is a state-of-art REST/JSON API for light-weight and fast interaction.

Access URL and SSL

All requests must be sent to the following URL:

You can not use Galaxias Solutions with HTTP for security reasons.

SSL is fully supported and you must use "https://" for all requests.


Basic HTTP Authentication ("Basic") is fully supported by default.

For particular applications HTTP Digest access authentication and other schemes can be used. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Input Data Content Type

The PUT and POST requests must pass the data in JSON format. XML was provided in versions before v3.0, but rarely used. For now, XML payloads are not on the roadmap anymore. Please contact our sales team for more information. They can provide as well options if evidence or API exchanges must happen via XML. We have several options, but we do not support them via a public offer.

Ensure to set the correct "Content-Type" header in each request.

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