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Quality is at time a vague and difficult subject. Before starting any work to define, improve, measure or sell quality, often an assessment can be conducted to gather lots of information on the subject. This can be done at any time, but often is done after a self-assessment, audit, or identification of the need for some certification.

An assessment is the process of exposing the environment and the presence, absence or existence of processes, quality, SMART actions, data, reporting and an overall organisation for quality.

From this assessment, the Quality Manager should be able (with or without our assistance) to discover and upon need correct inconsistent standards, data, and perceived or fake issues.

Galaxias Solutions is instrumental via our senior consultant to shed light on issues that are often subjective, (too) innovative or due to the degree of maturity in the organisation or process(es).

Upon request, Galaxias Solutions provides training and coaching services to enable your organisation to manage quality according your needs.

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