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Who uses Galaxias?

The solution is used in SOHO and big multi-nationals. The founders use it for their own compliance requirements themselves (say, so, for organisations from 1 person on).

Typical usage is very low entry: to do an assessment with our free predefined processes. No need to do everything by hand.

For bigger organisations, we provide full ISO support (ISO 9000, 13485, 27000, ...) via complete templates that can be customised in hours according the needs. New standards are implemented quickly after their release, and we have a tight link with domains that we want to cover (more standards, such as CMMi, ...).

Once the base data is entered one way or another, it is stored, accurately, complete and timely, and to generate standard or very sophisticated reports by pushing one button. Key performance indicators (KPI) reports are offered in standard and custom dashboard.

Brief: we believe that it's the best-of-breed tool for quality assurance, and for all sectors (primary/secondary/tertiary) such as (non-exhaustive) automobile, health, banking, insurance, logistics, R&D, field work, automated process lines, ...

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