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Galaxias Solutions works with senior consultants with specific knowledge and experience. Hence, we have no daily rates. All organisation are under pressure to safe money, so we only work on a fee in proportion to the value delivered. Together with you, we look what is required and what resources (yours or ours) can deliver at the best way possible.

This requires top consultants and a long term relationship in order to assist the quality way of working. This goes with the roadmap of your growth and your investments. So, we align with that scheme. For who wants to understand: e.g. max 10% of the investment + 5% of the first 1M€ profit + 1% of the revenue during the first 3 years. This has proven to be an excellent measure to safe money (if you do not invest further, well, we can't help you and we don't bill...).

Reversely, if we can inject particular value in 1 day via our knowledge and it saves you 1000 times as much, we must share value so that our state-of-the-art knowledge keeps giving you sustained value. No customer so far said to us they wanted 'less' quality, revenue or ... profit.

Why a max percentage?

Galaxias Solutions caps the fees versus what is to be delivered because it's you who must get the benefits and you must be able to follow and handle. Yes, we accept a higher percentage if you insist.

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