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Galaxias Solutions is driven... since 2011 by 2 senior managers who decided that their test management experience and operations business acumen could offer much more to organisations and individuals than what they could deliver in their environment as 'internal employee'.

Cédric Roubertou has been in operations, production, project management, quality management, configuration management, test management since 1998. He drove missions in sectors such as military manufacturer (air-land recognition system, night and infra-red vision), insurance, banking (accounting, SEPA and international payments).

Hans Vandenabeele has been in operations, project management, quality management, training and coaching professionally since 1994. He drove missions in sectors such as media/publishing, industry (manufacturing, chemistry, pharma), telecom, services (call center, work place services, facility management), education, non-profit (VZW/ASBL, volunteering, …), public (government), banking, finance&payments (clearing houses, payment terminals, cybercurrency, ...), engineering, retail and SOHO retail, agriculture & forestry, and logistics.

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