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Recruting procedure

What recruting procedure is applied at Galaxias Solutions?

Galaxias Solutions follows these steps:
  1. Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need
  2. Develop the Position Description and objectives, and determine the career path
  3. Develop the Recruitment Plan
  4. Select the search team
  5. Post the position and implement the Recruitment Plan
  6. Review Applicants and select the short list
  7. Conduct Interviews (one or more, or several times, assessment center, ...)
  8. Select the best candidate(s) and award the position
  9. Finalize the recruitment

Galaxias Solutions tries to inform any applicant with the result of the application. If a top-3 of best candidates is selected, each of the retained candidates is personally informed.

Galaxias Solutions can not guarantee a delay for the recruitment procedure but typically it is 2 - 6 weeks, depending the amount of respons we receive.

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